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broDesign - Create your style.

broDesign Wood mosaics Create unique wood surfaces
If you like to have a varied and modern Wood cladding, you will find the right product with our broDesign Wood mosaics. The different designs are signalized by individuality  and versatility. If wall cladding in the living room, cladding at the bar with indirect lightening, pillar paneling or front of doors, with the broDesign Wooden tile you will have a huge number of design possibilities. You can use this both, in new buildings or for modernization. 
Through the high flexibility of the single tiles are straightly, curved and round surfaces without high expense easy and fast to do. How easy you can work with the broDesign mosaics, you can read in our Application. You principally don´t have to seal the surface or grout joints before you fasten it on a core or on the wall. 
The packaging of the broDesign Wood mosaics are 20 pcs each carton. 
Because of the black fleece on the back, you can use the broDesign Wood mosaics very flexible. The attachment on the wall for example is very easy and fast. At the Moment we have Oak nature and smoked oak as different kind of woods for you available. In the future we will have more different kind of woods on stock. Of course you can additional process further the tile with color or stain, similar to a other type of wood.  All broDesign tile we have, will be delivered without any surface, that means raw.