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broDesign - Nizza -

The broDesign wood mosaics “NIZZA” is signalized through the uniform arrangement and the uniform size of the single tiles. The additional brushing of the tiles give them a special character.

brodesign holzmosaik nizza 1  brodesign holzmosaik nizza 1-1



Technical specifications

Total size   300 x 300 mm
Mosaic size (single):   100 x 25 mm
Mosaic each tile:   36 pcs
Thickness:   5-9 mm
Back side:   black fleece
Groove:   1,5 mm
Wooden direction:   horizontal
Kind of wood:   Oak nature and smoked oak 
(other kind of wood on request)
Weight each tile:   approx 450 g
Packing unit:   20 tile each carton  (1,8 m²)


Impressionen - broDesign - Nizza-